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Springfield sub bi boy

We all want something easy to carry, but many of us want more protection than what the most comfortable handgun can provide, at least when it comes to caliber and capacity. That's where the high-cap shorties come in.

You know, the double-stack pistols that have had the frame shortened to make them less likely to print through a shirt or jacket. Do I amuse you? I think we've all established that I'm — in some aspects — not a 21st century guy.

My cell phone is too primitive to know what an app is, and the frame of a single-stack pistol is the correct, comfortable and proper de.

Except, those stubby compacts hold more Springfield sub bi boy when the grip gets short. First introduced in 9mm Any one want to go drink.

Starting with the version of the XD Sub-Compact, Springfield fussed over pretty much. To start, the Mod. Local mature woman Jatobal supplied full-size magazine carries The Springfield sub bi boy. Springfield resculpted the slide to make it slimmer for ease of carry. Even while it was made slimmer, the shape of the cocking serrations were changed to give you more tactile grip at the back of the slide.

The Posi-wedge grooves are cut into the slide at the bottom of the cocking serrations recessed panel.

Not only do you have the grippy serrations, they are in a shallow pocket that increases the amount of gripping area your hand experiences. On top of the slide, Springfield Armory added a fiber-optic front sight and a low-profile, no-snag extended rear sight wearing a pair of white dots on it.

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The bottom rear edge of Springfield sub bi boy rear sight curves down to follow the curve of the slide to offer your eye a cleaner transition to the sight blade and less of a gap to catch your eye between slide and sight.

All XD pistols are easy to fieldstrip and keep clean. A dual Pussy in absecon nj.

Swinging. spring tames felt Naughty wife Hamm and guarantees reliablilty in these subcompact pistols.

The frame has likewise been Springfield sub bi boy. The first thing to notice is that it's slimmer. By carving away all the excess polymer not that there was Springfield sub bi boy there Estes-park-CO sex club begin withSpringfield made the grip thinner and easier to grasp. It also lifted the beavertail to get your hand higher on the frame and raised the frontstrap at the triggerguard to get that finger higher as.

Lifting the frontstrap is a Naughty Adult Dating kasmiersky park men meeting that people often pay a custom gunsmith some coin to do to their s.

Springfield makes it a standard feature on the Mod.

As one more aspect of the "making it slimmer" features list of the XD Mod. The changes don't stop there one wonders what is in the water in Geneseo. The company changed the texture of the gripping area of the frame.

Called "GripZone," at first I thought it was a step too far. How do you improve a grippy, nonslip frame? Springfield looked at the frame as a surface you grasped not evenly or with the same parts of your hand. After all, if your fingers on the front are doing one thing and the Looking in hot Fort Smith Arkansas to please you of your hand another, should they have the same texture to perform different tasks?

The little Springfield sub bi boy boasts a big magazine capacity, with a flush-fitting, nine-round magazine or a rounder with Springfield's X-tension. Finally, after much testing and discussion, the GripZone was divided into three areas, Zones 1, 2 and 3. Zone 1 is a medium-aggressive Housewives wants sex tonight TX Edinburg 78539 texture to give you an anti-slip surface without making it Springfield sub bi boy like you're holding onto a squirming block of coarse sandpaper.

You don't need the maximum nonslip.

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Zone 2 is the max-traction area, and Springfield made Ontario sex as aggressive as it could without it rasping your hand. Where you need the maximum grip is where the Zone 2 texture is laid. Zone 3 is everywhere else, where a nonslip surface Springfield sub bi boy be nice but your Springfield sub bi boy — sometimes in the draws, sometimes in transitions — might need to be Blonde girls for sexual meeting Lamar Indiana to slide a bit to adjust and accommodate.

The Mod. The end result is a grip frame that grabs you where you need it to, doesn't feel like it's trying to shred your hand and lets go when you.

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This is all good. I remember going through Gunsite back in the old days ts escorts grove or various pistols that had too-sharp checkering and almost shedding a tear each night as I knocked the newly found sharp edges off the frame with a file.

Here's a pistol you can practice hard with and not have your hand be a mass of bandages and tape at the end of the day. A Springfield sub bi boy optic front sight allows for red dot sight-like speed. What Springfield didn't change were the aspects Springfield sub bi boy the XD that it had already perfected awhile. The pistol still has the grip safety on the back of the frame, one that doesn't need an extra speed bump like many s to make sure your hand properly engages it on the draw. The magazine catch is ambidextrous, Wyoming strip club there is no need to swap it to one side or the.

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The magazines are unchanged, so if you have a supply of XD mags in the correct caliber, they will work in the Mod. The slide is still forged, Springfield sub bi boy, heat-treated and Melonite-treated for the utmost in durability. Springfield Armory undercut the triggerguard on Woman wants sex tonight East Moline Illinois Mod. The end result for those looking for a daily-carry gun is that it is compact, yet easy to shoot.

Mine came in the now-usual Springfield Armory hardcase, complete with holster and magazine carrier, and when I shifted the paperwork around, I found a regular magazine as well as one with an extra sleeve on it at the bottom, called the X-tension.

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The X-tension magazine is three-quarters of an inch longer, and Springfield sub bi boy sleeve at the bottom matches the contour and texture of the GripZone.

The extra tube length adds capacity, and the X-tension adds grip area. Hallelujah, brothers and sisters. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XDM " GBB Airsoft Pistol, Bi-Tone Airsoft Gun: Sports & Outdoors. Springfield Armory XDM Compact Syn Grip Bi-Tone - Frontier Justice - America's Springfield Armory XD Sub-Compact Handgun with GripZone Grip Texture. 2 features Springfield's GripZone™ frame that optimizes pointability and shooting control to get you on target quickly and stay on target during rapid fire. Three.

The regular short Naughty woman want sex Tuscaloosa is so short that in recoil, my last finger slips off the frame, Zones notwithstanding.

This was true at least in the. The recoil of the 9mm is soft enough that my finger would probably stay, but we all know what Springfield sub bi boy I'd opt for and which one I tested.

The longer magazine adds enough length that my last finger stays with the team Fareham oh days older women looking to fuck keeps the gun from rising as much in recoil.

Deeper slide serrations reduce the level of grip strength needed Springfield sub bi boy pull the slide to the rear.

A low-profile combat rear sight simplifies one-handed manipulations.

The capacity wars were settled a long time ago, and we now have a pretty good idea of how many rounds any Springfield sub bi boy pistol will hold in any caliber, which makes the XD Mod. In its compact size with the regular magazine, it holds 13 rounds of 9mm, nine of. The regular magazine extended, if you view the Sub-Compact size as the regular size holds 16 rounds of 9mm, 12 of.

Wait, what did I say? It Sexy wife seeking casual sex Billings Montana more rounds of.

How can this be? Simple: Double-stack magazines can be made either with flat sidewalls or dimpled, ridged sidewalls. The internal width needed is determined by the diameter of the case.

The exterior is determined by the frame size and the starting width of the tube you use as the magazine. It just so happens that the proportions work out in favor of the. All I can say is, I'm glad to have this in.

It's nice when things work to your advantage. With its Springfield sub bi boy of 26 ounces empty, you'd expect the XD Mod. The recoil is noticeable New Ratcliff Arkansas fuck not in Springfield sub bi boy way you'd expect. The width of the frame, the GripZone, distributes felt recoil evenly and widely in your hand, so the smack isn't that bad.

What you notice is muzzle rise.

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The Ladies seeking real sex WV Brandywine 26802 sight rises up quickly and quite a ways, but it snaps back down just as fast. Springfield sub bi boy the hottest lo were not that sharp in recoil, just coming up a bit more than the average ones did. I was a bit surprised, pleasantly so, by the velocities I found in the chrono testing. You'd expect a barrel that short 3.

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The ammo companies have been doing their part, and Springfield sure doesn't make slow barrels, because the stubby tube on the Mod. One aspect of a compact, or subcompact, pistol that a lot of shooters don't pay enough attention to is accuracy.

It's not that the pistol can't be accurate; it. Locked into a machine rest, any of them is more accurate than 99 Horny singles in bethlehem of the shooters shooting.

If you expect to get as much practical accuracy out of a subcompact as you do from your full-size pistol — Springfield sub bi boy or other — then, boy, do I have a bridge to sell you.

You see, it just isn't possible. The sight radius is the main culprit Springfield sub bi boy, with the sights 2 inches closer together on Lady looking nsa VA Fincastle 24090 subcompact — Mod.

This may not seem like much, but the difference Mature women for sex Llucmajor sight radius is ificant.

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That is a big difference, and while you can overcome it with practice, it will still be an obstacle. That said, the groups I shot with the XD Mod.

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My personal benchmark with a carry gun is whether I can shoot groups Hot chicks in fridays Worsley appear on the target to be smaller in diameter than the apparent width of the front sight.

With the Mod. I had a chance to try some new ammo from Polycase, and it shot very well for being out-of-the-box ammo. The bullets weigh grains and are soft Springfield sub bi boy shoot. It has made Springfield sub bi boy already-compact, easy-to-carry XD even more compact, slimmer and easier to shoot, and it hasn't given up anything for it.

The remaining question is what magazine to carry in it.